Uppsala University in Sweden has selected Cryo Diffusion to manufacture a large cryostat for its FREIA facility, constructed at its Ångström Laboratory.

The FREIA facility is for the research and development of new particle accelerators and instrumentation for accelerator-based research.

The project starts with a Radio Frequency (RF) development facility for accelerator research and a helium cryogenic system. It will include one station with a horizontal test cryostat, connected in a closed loop to the helium liquefier.

The RF facility is intended for the research and development of systems for RF power generation, distribution and control, and superconducting and normal conducting RF cavities for future accelerators.

In addition to supplying the cryostat for testing superconducting cavities for the project, Cryo Diffusion will also supply additional accessories. The contract agreement (signed in September 2013) between Uppsala University and Cryo Diffusion covers the manufacturing and the installation of the following equipment (pictured below):

  • Horizontal cryostat for superconducting cavities tests (1)
  • 4.5 K liquid helium cold feed box (2)
  • Interconnecting valve box (3)
  • All associated cryogenic transfer lines (4)
  • Cold vapour heater (5)
  • Cryogenic sensors and control system

Philippe Doinel, General Manager, Cryo Diffusion said, “We are proud to receive the contract for this prestigious order. Cryo Diffusion’s products are located in some of the best research centres in the world and we are happy to be able to supply equipment to a facility like FREIA.”

Located in Uppsala, Sweden, Uppsala University is the oldest Nordic university – founded in 1477 – and ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe in international rankings.