DataOnline has revealed that its third generation on-demand (SaaS) software, DOLV3, is being successfully rolled out globally to its customer base – and that reviews are ‘extremely positive’.

DOLV3 has been in development for over three years and is another example of DataOnline’s commitment to R&D, with continuous investment in both the hardware and software components of its industry-leading solutions.

DOLV3 is accessible anywhere in the world via a web browser. It provides the tools to deploy, configure & manage DataOnline & third party remote devices and hosts a range of industry specific applications to help companies manage their remote assets.

The software is directly connected into many of the world’s leading telecom carriers and is providing the pipeline to connect to and manage devices in over 50 countries across the world. DOLV3 has built in connectivity to interface to enterprise systems, such as SAP, and is providing the back-end data feeds necessary to fuel customers’ mission critical supply chain & asset management solutions.

A new feature, introduced with DOLV3, is an HMI interface providing SCADA through mimic diagrams and real time views of both wide area and localised process systems. This allows companies to monitor and manage both their process and non-process assets in the same environment. This has been especially well received by DataOnline’s customers in the water and wastewater industry, where they are replacing their expensive industry standard SCADA systems with DOLV3.

Housed by an industry leading enterprise level hosting service, with redundant systems in London & Chicago, DOLV3 takes DataOnline’s robust & reliable platform to an even higher level, the company says.

A .Net based development, using the latest Agile and Lean methodologies, has facilitated DataOnline in growing an IT department that is hungry to develop industry specific applications and capable to deliver them quickly and reliably.

gasworld understands that the DOLV3 software has specifically been developed to allow DataOnline to support an asset base across industry and throughout the world, as well as for the rapid development of solutions for both vertical and horizontal markets.