As the company seeks to safeguard against any future ‘risk of a downturn’ and take advantage of a changing energy sector, Air Water has announced the planned expansion of its energy business.

Electric power generation and LNG distribution are cited as areas to be tackled with as part of the diversification through to 2020, says The Gas Review (TGR).

A correction of the value of the yen since 2013 and rising stock prices, coupled with a new administration’s plans to revive the economy, are providing optimism in the Japanese market.

But with the globalisation of the economy and a ‘hollowing out’ of the manufacturing industry, Air Water – among others – is keen to safeguard against any potential future downturns. At an informal press conference held at the company’s Tokyo office this summer, Air Water revealed plans to expand its existing business lines around new product development.

With a view to 2020, the company unveiled a policy of tackling both electric power generation and LNG distribution – an increasingly prominent area of potential for the gas and equipment industry. Various measures are to be implemented this year, based around three core policies for the next seven years:

  • Electric power generation business
  • The business of procuring and distributing LNG
  • A synergetic business of renewable energy and agricultural products

Air Water’s plans build on a business in steady growth mode: TGR notes that the sales of the company have risen year-on-year since 2010, from ¥47.6bn (2010) to ¥54bn in 2012 and ¥55bn this year (2013).