Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC has secured a global exclusive supply agreement with 3M for the supply of Octafluoropropane (C3F8).

Perhaps unfamiliar to many, Octafluoropropane (C3F8) is a fluorocarbon used in both electronics and medical applications.

In the former it can be used as a plasma etching material in semiconductor production, while in the latter it may comprise one of the elements in ultrasound applications.

For Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC, the new deal with 3M is a significant coup, strengthening its product range.

The deal is a multi-year agreement in which 3M will supply its C3F8 gas, also known as 3M PFG-3218, to Electronic Fluorocarbons for global distribution in the electronics, semiconductor and refrigerant industries.

Managing Director of Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC (EF LLC), Pavel Perlov, stated that he was delighted to have secured such an agreement with 3M and that it strengthens the company’s portfolio of electronic specialty gases (ESG’s), which are supplied to a variety of industries and especially the electronics and semiconductor sectors.

While operating out of its Pennsylvania facility, Electronic Fluorocarbons will be supplied from 3M’s Cordova Illinois facility and distribute C3F8 around the world – with particular emphasis on the Far East and South East Asian markets.