Emerson Process Management has released the Micro Motion® Specific Gravity Meter, the next generation of the Micro Motion 3098 Gas Specific Gravity Meter.

The device is designed for custody transfer, refinery/fuel gas energy measurement, hydrogen purity control and many other process gas applications.

Emerson claims that in applications where fast response, direct gas measurement is required, the Micro Motion Gas Specific Gravity Meter is the ideal choice to solve the problems that users confront on a daily basis.

This includes managing rapidly changing fired heater air-to-fuel ratios, reducing refinery hydrogen impurities, and minimising windage losses in hydrogen-cooled generator sets.

The new meter directly measures gas molecular weight and can be configured to output hydrogen purity, specific gravity, relative density, calorific value/BTU or Wobbe Index. Building upon proven Ni Span C® cylinder technology, this precision measurement technology provides the benefits of low cost of ownership, reduced maintenance costs and a new innovative integral transmitter.

The Specific Gravity Meter now incorporates a head-mounted transmitter that has the flexibility to digitally connect to distributed control systems, as well as the ability to output raw sensor signals to flow computers – conforming to custody transfer best practices.

The Gas Specific Gravity Meter now incorporates a new diagnostic capability, Known Density Verification, which checks the meter for measurement alarm conditions, sensor integrity and the presence of coating, erosion or corrosion. This technology expands the availability of diagnostics information in critical density measurement applications and can result in significant reductions in maintenance costs and cycle times.