Reports are emerging that a cylinder filling plant in La Porte, Texas is currently the subject of emergency after an explosion on Saturday morning.

Little is yet known about the details of the explosion, any damage caused or of casualties, but gasworld understands that the site in question is an Air Liquide cylinder plant.

According to the website of the City of La Porte, a fire/explosion occurred at the plant on Fairmont Parkway this morning, there is no impact to the community and the situation is under control.

Other reports suggest the incident sent a plume of black smoke over Pasadena; the City of La Porte explains that air monitoring is taking place throughout the city and nothing has been detected that would have an adverse effect on the public.

From a gases point of view, gasworld understands that the incident could have knock-on effects on the supply chain in the region, with disruptions for several end-users, though further details are still yet to emerge.