ITM Power has announced that it has delivered its first Power-to-Gas plant to the Thüga Group in Frankfurt both on time and to budget.

The plant is now deployed at the Mainova Aktiengesellschaftsite in Schielestrasse, Frankfurt am Main, where the compliant gas mixing and grid injection infrastructure is already in place.

It is understood that the plant is planned to go live in December, but it will now undergo an extensive acceptance, compliance and commissioning phase first.

The installation also includes a monitoring facility and visitor’s reception, so that members of the Thüga group can examine the performance of the plant. Operational data will be shared by the whole Thüga group – the largest network of energy companies in Germany with around 100 municipal utility members.

Commenting on the announcement, ITM Power GmbH Managing Director, Phil Doran, said in a statement, “It is marvellous to see the plant on site here in Frankfurt. Power-to-Gas technology is key to the success of the Energiewende (energy turnaround) and the Thüga Group have a clear understanding of this technology and where it fits for the energy network of the future.”

Power to gas rationale ITM

Source: ITM

The Thüga plant is the first to be delivered of £4.5m of equipment being manufactured at ITM Power funded by commercial sales and grant funded collaborative projects. With an order book of £1.7m and a rapidly developing pipeline of revenue the Thüga delivery marks a significant juncture for ITM Power.