Cryogenic pumps provided by Fives Cryomec have been installed on two prototype gas turbine locomotives in Russia, as part of a project aiming to demonstrate the potential for LNG-fuelled trains.

Gas turbine locomotives can be used to haul long and heavy trains to carry goods along non-electrified railroads, in particular in Siberia and the Far North.

Sinara Transport Machines demonstrated two gas turbine locomotives equipped with Fives Cryomec cryogenic pumps at the International Rail Salon of Engineering and Technologies ‘EXPO 1520’ in Scherbinka, 20km away from Moscow, in September.

The development of gas turbine locomotives began within the framework of Russian Railways’ programme on autonomous locomotives re-equipment – aiming to replace diesel fuel with the more economic and environmentally-friendly LNG.

Within this project Fives Cryomec developed and delivered the Delta cryogenic pump for a prototype model engineered by the Russian Railways and its Research and Design Institute, VNIKTI. It is the first locomotive in the world with a gas turbine working on LNG, and with an electronic system of supply of liquefied gas into the turbine.

Tests showed it to be a very promising type of haulage: a turbine capacity is 8500 kW (11 560 hp), and it can make up for five ordinary locomotives. It’s also a very eco-friendly transport, as emissions from gas turbine are more than five times less than emissions from diesel engines.

Sinara Transport Machines expects to pass all necessary acceptance and certification tests in 2014 and to start a serial production. The company plans to manufacture up to 40 gas turbine locomotives by 2020 at Lyudinovo locomotive plant.