GCE is launching a number of new medical gas equipment products in the coming months which will be featured at its booth at the upcoming Medica International Trade Fair 20th to 23rd November in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The products include a new range of Medical VIPRs, Hospital Terminal Units, Ambulance Panel systems, and the latest generation portable concentrator for use in the global market.

The next generation Medical VIPR from GCE has been designed for ultimate safety, ease of use and enhanced lifetime. Designed for regulating up to 300 bar gas pressure, it has been extensively type-tested over and above all ISO standards and ASTM G175 standards to meet the needs of the global market.

GCE has already started to release its new generation of terminal units for hospital use, the GCE MediUnit. GCE has vast experience with its former terminal unit range, marketed in the Swedish, Norwegian and French markets, and now plans to expand into the global market with the new MediUnit range.

The Ambulance Panel II, meanwhile, is the next generation of ambulance panels marketed under the GCE Sabre Medical brand, and the new Inogen One® G3 portable concentrator is smaller, lighter than its predecessors and produces more oxygen per kg.