Kiwa GASTEC at CRE and SSE are pleased to announce the launch of a major investigation into future hydrogen use.

This project will investigate the risks likely to arise from the accidental release of hydrogen or hydrogen natural gas mixtures into a three-bed domestic property.

Hydrogen has considerable potential as an energy vector in the future low carbon energy system. It could be used, for example, as heating fuel distributed in the existing gas network or as a transport fuel. Hydrogen in the gas network has the advantage of offering a storable fuel and very large carbon reduction with minimal involvement from the end user. The project partners believe that this potential should be explored.

Gas leaks are rare but do occur from time to time from sources as diverse as a defective gas appliance to DIY accidents and this study will compare the ensuing risk. Hydrogen is more flammable than natural gas but diffuses away much more quickly. Understanding the risks fully is critical to the further development of hydrogen as an energy vector. 

Mark Crowther, General Manager, KIWA GASTEC said, “What could be better at reducing emissions of CO2 than a combustion-based process that only produces water as its by-product?”

Rufus Ford, Policy and Research, SSE said, “We are delighted to be part of the Hy-House project led by KIWA GASTEC. SSE’s number one priority is safety, and this project will advance safety knowledge to help promote hydrogen use in the energy system of the future.”

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