The Messer Group and Sichuan Meifeng, a Chinese chemicals company listed on the stock exchange, have signed a joint venture agreement to found Sichuan Meifeng Messer Gas Products.

The joint venture will invest around €7.24m in producing, annually, around 100,000 tons of liquid carbon dioxide from industrial CO2 waste gases.

The plant represents Messer’s first production plant for liquid carbon dioxide in China.

From mid-2014, Sichuan Meifeng Messer plans to supply liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice to customers from the food and beverages sector as well as the fields of manufacturing and environmental protection.

The company joint venture company will supply the CO2 crude gas for liquefaction; CO2 waste gases, which occur as by-products in the production of ammonia and ammonium nitrate at Meifeng, will be purified to produce food safe carbon dioxide.

“By converting CO2 waste gases to a product which can be utilised in various industries, the new plant will be an outstanding example of how commercial interests and environmental protection can operate in harmony,” said Zhang Defu, Business Development Director at Messer in China.

Messer develops and markets industrial gases and application technologies in Europe and Asia.