Lippke, a MOCON company, has signed a distributor agreement with Interautomatika UAB of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Interautomatika is now the exclusive distributor of MOCON permeation instrumentation and the Lippke VC 1380 vacuum leak tester for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The deal will allow Lippke to provide ‘more customized attention’ to customers in the food, packaging and medical device fields in the region.

Up until now, the Baltics had been serviced out of Lippke’s Neuwied, Germany headquarters. An increasing number of instrumentation requests from the region, however, prompted the company to enter into an agreement which would provide enhanced service via local representation.

“Baltic food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies are looking to expand their export potential into other European countries,” said Franz Sturm, Managing Director of Lippke.

“In order to do so, they need to be able to prove that their products meet the quality standards that have been established in those countries. Investing in leading-edge permeation and leak detection instrumentation helps them meet those goals.”

Interautomatika will represent MOCON/Lippke’s extensive line of permeation instrumentation including oxygen, moisture vapour and carbon dioxide testing.  Additionally, the company will be selling the Lippke VC 1380 vacuum leak tester for pharmaceutical/medical packaging applications.

“For the past 10 years, Interautomatika has established a strong reputation as a distributor of industrial equipment and parts. The company has native-speaking employees in all three of the Baltic States. This will provide more customised attention for food, packaging and medical device manufacturers in that region,” added Sturm.