We’re at a crossroads in the quest for energy security, with sustainable solutions required to ensure our energy security – and one of these proposed solutions will be discussed at a high-profile launch event this evening.

Two companies are pioneering the use of liquid air as an energy vector – Highview Power Storage and Dearman Engine Company – but the concept has wide support and a working group is being set-up to assess the potential.

Hosted by Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Liquid Air Energy Group will be launched tonight, 2nd October, at IMechE, in Westminster, London at 6.30pm.

The launch event will host a number of academics, policy makers, industry bodies, and developers, who will be discussing the opportunity for Liquid Air to support the UK energy mix.

What is liquid air?

The idea of liquid air is essentially the concept of a nitrogen economy. Everybody’s heard of the hydrogen economy, with its promise of limitless low carbon energy. But after decades of R&D, the dream seems scarcely any closer. With so many major technical challenges, it’s perhaps to be expected.

A growing band of companies and independent experts now argue that some of the long-awaited promise of hydrogen could soon be delivered by a different gas and at a fraction of the cost – nitrogen.

The notion of the nitrogen economy is a concept that some consider to be a much more viable alternative. If this multi-faceted concept takes off as hoped, then nitrogen could not only help to decarbonise energy supply, but could also be the stimulus for an even more prosperous industrial gases business.

In addition to the launch event this evening, you can learn more about liquid air by reading gasworld’s exclusive supplement (see link, right) and further information can be found at www.liquidair.org.uk.