M1 Engineering has launched a new 20ft ISO container, the third generation of the product and with a market leading capacity of 22,000 litres - up from 20,000 litres on the previous model.

This 10% increase in volume is thought to be particularly beneficial to gases such as LNG, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide and specialty gases.

With full stainless steel construction, including outer jacket, frame, piping and valves, the new range includes working pressures in 4, 10, 17 and 22 bar. UN T75 approval for multi-national operation is standard across the range, along with options for local domestic approvals such as US DOT (US), AS1210 (Australia), SANS South Africa, and Transport Canada. Pump and flow meter options are also available.

It’s clearly a busy time in terms of product development for M1 Engineering, who has been a market leader in the manufacture of cryo ISO containers since 1986. The company has also recently launched a new version of its 40ft ISO cryogenic container design, optimised for LNG and ethylene transportation and boasting a market-leading capacity of 46,000 litres.

The lightweight design is available in 6, 10 and 17 bar options (87, 145 and 247 psi), with the 10 bar version having a tare weight of just 10,700kg.

The tank is approved both to US DOT/ASME and TPED/EN standards, while both hydraulic and electric pumping systems are available approved to ATEX regulations and a flow meter to record product delivery can also be specified.

The container is designed for road, rail and international sea transportation, is of full stainless steel construction, including the outer jacket, frame, piping and valves, and the option of carbon steel is available for the jacket and frame. Optimised designs are also available for vehicle refuelling and site power generation.