ASCO has launched a new dry ice pelletizer A240P, with the unit boasting a production capacity of 240 kg per hour and a compact design.

The new A240P pelletizer is, in ASCO’s words, ‘a compact and powerful machine for the production of high quality dry ice pellets’ in three different sizes (3mm, 10mm and 16mm).

With a production capacity of 240kg/h it meets the demand for a higher dry ice need, in addition to the quality and flexibility in the daily working process. The company claims that the A240P is also the ideal tool for gas companies to satisfy higher local market requirements for fresh dry ice.

Thanks to PLC SIEMENS-S7-1200, the pelletizer adapts itself to local CO2 conditions, providing a constant production of 240 kg/hr, independent of pressure and temperature in the range of 15-20 bar.

A 5.7-inch touch screen provides user-friendly information, and easy maintenance and service planning. Integrated production control system, high process reliability, minimum floor space for high production performance, and an attractive price-performance ratio are other key features of this new dry ice machine.