Chart Ferox, a.s., has developed a mobile LNG fuelling station consisting of a 20ft ISO container with a 20m3 gross volume tank, a centrifugal pump, a saturation vaporiser coil and a control box.

The design of the station maintains vapour return from the vehicle fuel tanks and prevents venting of methane to the atmosphere.

Its major practical advantage, Chart Ferox explains, is that there are two different modes of operation. The station can work either as an LNG fuelling station with a typical flow of 150 litres/min, or as a standard LNG delivery container with maximum flow rate 400 litres/min, which provides high flexibility of application to the owner.

The station is equipped with a calibrated flow meter and printer for billing purposes, while the hydraulic drive of the pumps makes the station independent of the electricity network by having a hydraulic oil pump on the truck.

The mobile LNG fuelling station parameters are suitable for quick-install solutions for small fleets of LNG vehicles, typically buses or trucks, support of pilot projects and promotional demonstrations.