The new SERVOPRO PureGas gas purifier from Servomex offers the near-total purification of carrier gases for Gas Chromatography (GC) and other analytical applications, the company claims.

For a gas chromatograph to perform reliably with high levels of sensitivity, the supplied carrier gas must be of the highest quality.

With Ultra High Purity (UHP) gases expensive to bottle and difficult to trans-fill without contamination, the SERVOPRO PureGas enables users to purify gases onsite at the point of use, minimising the risk of gas contamination.

Available for argon and helium matrices, the PureGas purifier delivers outlet impurity levels for oxygen, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and nitrogen. Able to purify from Grade 5.0 - in which the level of impurity will not exceed 10 ppm - the PureGas offers Grade 7.0 (99.99999% purity) UHP gas purities suitable for a GC carrier gas.

An additional benefit of the PureGas is that it can also be used to generate UHP zero calibration gas for Plasma applications.


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