Earlier this year, Oxymat A/S announced that it would be bringing all of its research and development (R&D) activities from Denmark, Slovakia and China under one roof in Slovakia. The move, it explained, is intended to redouble the company’s focus on product development.

Over the course of the next three years, Oxymat will look to develop low energy technologies for oxygen systems, as its more than 50 years of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) experience comes together in one site.

The importance of R&D in the gases industry is not lost on Oxymat CEO Jesper Sjögren, who sees the move as providing the platform for a streamlined focus on a number of breakthroughs.

He explained to gasworld, “Oxymat has built up a strong R&D department in Slovakia with one single goal: Wanting to reduce power consumption on the existing nitrogen generator programme.”

“The 15% savings are passed in all purity ranges from 5% to 1 ppm already, leaving only the documentation and redesign of existing programmes for the R&D team to finalise.”

“By the end of this year,” he added, “a major upgrade is expected on the nitrogen programme. Later on, by the end of Q1 2014, a release of a new oxygen system is planned.”

“This will place Oxymat as the number one manufacturer of low energy PSA technology.”

“Oxymat has built up a strong R&D department in Slovakia with one single goal: Wanting to reduce power consumption on the existing nitrogen generator programme”

Jesper Sjögren, CEO of Oxymat A/S

The Danish company, says Sjögren, already has ‘one of the largest programmes in the market for PSA generators’ but strives to build upon this even further.

With one focused R&D site in Slovakia, Oxymat believes this will create the necessary synergies and creative developments needed to constantly be one step ahead in the market. The plan for the group is already in place; within the next three years, the low energy technologies for oxygen systems will mainly be in its 3-30 tons per day programme, while several ways of achieving high purity oxygen will be explored, as well as new process designs for its full nitrogen range, are under development.

Further, for marine and offshore applications, Oxymat is developing new low energy technologies for its low purity nitrogen range.

“Oxymat has one of the largest programs in the market for PSA generators,” Sjögren said. “Future developments count 93% oxygen deliveries with a kW consumption around 650 kW per tons. Low purity nitrogen with up to 5% oxygen content will be delivered with a power consumption of just 140 kW per tons, and 100 ppm nitrogen produced with only 420 kW per tons.”

“It is Oxymats’ clear vision to be known as the PSA company in the industrial gas market with the smallest carbon footprint.”



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