Oxymat has revealed that it is establishing a new ‘very strong’ R&D department in Slovakia and over the course of the next three years will look to develop low energy technologies for oxygen systems.

Oxymat is joining its R&D forces from Denmark, Slovakia and China in the new department in Slovakia, representing more than 50 years of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) experience in its group of highly specialised engineers.

All assembled under one roof, this highly qualified staff will create the necessary synergies and creative developments needed in order to constantly be one step ahead in the market. The plan for the group is already in place; within the next three years, it will develop low energy technologies for oxygen systems mainly in its 3-30 tons per day programme.

Several ways of achieving high purity oxygen, as well as new process designs for its full nitrogen range, are under development. Further, for marine and offshore applications, Oxymat is developing new low energy technologies for its low purity nitrogen range.