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gasworld launches exciting new webinar series

Against a backdrop of change, and with a continued commitment to connecting the global gases industry, gasworld has launched a dynamic new series of industrial gas webinars.

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gasworld launches Asia-Pacific service

gasworld has in the last few days launched a brand new content and information platform dedicated to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific industrial gases business.

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Swagelok expands in Asia-Pacific region

Swagelok Company has invested in the Asia-Pacific region to help regional customers overcome business challenges and meet the pace of demand in a competitive marketplace.

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Pakistan struggle with Covid-19 continues

The ‘significant and tragic human cost’ of Covid-19 taking hold in Pakistan sadly appears to be crystallising after the Asian country saw its confirmed cases of the virus move past the 20,000 milestone.

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Depressed demand and falling prices challenges LNG sector

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector has been hit by supply overhang followed by Covid-19-induced economic slowdown and lower demand worldwide, says data and analytics company GlobalData.

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Vadilal Chemicals Q2 sales down by 8%

Gujarat-based supplier of industrial gases and specialty gases, Vadilal Chemicals Limited, has recorded a decline in total sales income by 8% at Rs 96.90m ($1.4m approx.) during its second quarter (Q2) ended 30th September 2015.

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National Oxygen sales up 12% in Q2

Chennai-based producer and supplier of industrial gases, National Oxygen Limited (NOL), has posted growth of 12% in sales income of Rs 95m ($1.4m) during its second quarter ending 30th September 2015.

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Southern Gas sales rise in Q2

Goa-based manufacturer and supplier of medical, industrial and rare gases, Southern Gas Limited, has recorded a growth in sales income during its fiscal second quarter (Q2) ending 30th September 2015.

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Linde India’s Q3 2015 revenue up 8%

Linde India Limited, formerly known as BOC India Limited, has recorded an increase in turnover of Rs 288m ($4.3m approx.) for the third quarter (Q3) ended 30th September 2015.



In focus...Food and beverage technologies

By , published in gasworld magazine

The food and beverage industry has enjoyed the benefits of using industrial gases and technologies for decades, improving food quality, preservation and safety in increasingly intricate ways. This In Focus… will explore three key applications in the food and beverage sector and the latest trends shaping them.

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World’s largest ATR-based methanol plant now operational


Danish catalysis company Haldor Topsoe has opened the world’s only natural gas-to-gasoline complex in Turkmenistan.

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Air Liquide to build new nitrogen unit in Kazakhstan


Air Liquide Munay Tech Gases is investing €15m in a new nitrogen unit in Kazakhstan.

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Sulzer expands footprint in Southeast Asia


Sulzer is expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia with the opening of a new service centre in Semenyih, Selangor state, Malaysia.

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Linde partners with CarbonCure

2019-08-09T08:21:00+01:00By , Global Managing Editor

CarbonCure Technologies and Linde have announced that they are to partner in bringing the former’s award-winning turnkey carbon solition for the concrete industry in Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

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Sarawak Energy pilots hydrogen plant and refuelling station


Sarawak Energy is building a pilot hydrogen (H2) production plant and refuelling station to evaluate the viability of H2 and fuel cells to power Kuching transportation sector in the future.

Medical oxygen – October 2015

India focusing on smooth oxygen delivery

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has directed all state governments to ensure a smooth and hassle-free supply of medical oxygen across the country as its confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue to rise.

Biomass alternative energy green

IEA: Outlook for biogas and biomethane

Modern societies and economies produce increasing amounts of organic waste that can be used to produce clean sources of energy, with multiple potential benefits for sustainable development.

Air Water plant

Air Water joins AIGA

The Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) has welcomed Air Water Inc. (AWI) as a Category-1 member.