Four years after the company launched its first LNG cargo, Sakhalin Energy offloaded the 700th LNG cargo from its Prigorodnoye production complex this week.

The cargo was loaded to the Fuji LNG carrier on 10th October (2013) to be delivered to Japan.

The Asia-Pacific region is a major global centre for LNG consumption and are also geographically adjacent markets for Sakhalin Energy. Korea is the second-largest buyer of Sakhalin LNG, while most of it is shipped to Japan. LNG cargoes are also delivered to China, Taiwan and Thailand.

The first LNG cargo was produced and delivered by the company in 2009, when it was the first Russian LNG plant launched by Sakhalin Energy. It has been produced more than 45 million tonnes of LNG since the company started production in 2009.

In 2013 the company plans to produce more than 10.5 million tonnes of LNG.