Following a diverse selection of food, provide by the final day lunch sponsors gasworld, the diversity theme continued into the afternoon with thoroughly interesting presentations from the final two speakers of the conference.

Introduced by the final session’s Chairman, Barry Little, the first speaker to the stage was AirSep Corporation’s Angelo Barberic who detailed how oxygen is generated in the Industrial Gases sector – by using a PSA or VPSA.

In his presentation, about Medical Oxygen Supply, Barberic said, “A PSA or VPSA is a non cryogenic regenerative device that concentrates the O2 from an air stream and delivers generally 90-95.5% oxygen at a positive pressure.”

“All PSA uses a molecular sieve to absorb moisture, CO2, and nitrogen (to obtain the purified oxygen required for hospitals).”

“I have travelled some of the roads around Africa, like Tanzania and Rowanda, and I don’t know how you guys get deliveries to their destination.”

“But this is where PSA is well suited for Africa as the unit can provide the O2 supply to the customer at their location with little or no difference.”

The closing presentation of another very successful gasworld conference was provided by Zulfiqar M. Wali, an independent analyser of the industrial gases sector.

He began by stating, “I will start today by highlighting the Coca Cola brand that is worth $80bn. It has a special ingredient – CO2.”

“Beverages – or alternatively CO2 – is an important ingredient in soft and alcoholic drinks and is the fastest growing gases product – especially in East and South Africa.”

“There is plenty of the gas available but the issue is quality and reliability of supply.”

“Production and transportation costs increases the price for the end user, however,”

“The best way forward is some sort of partnership among all the gas producers to ensure quality and reliability of supply is insured and this African industry can continue to grow.”

John Raquet then took to the stage to say a few summarising words to mark the close of an interesting three day conference.

“It’s now my duty to close the conference. All speakers gave good views on markets and drivers and so on,” he stated, adding, “the knowledge and deals gained by delegates attending the conference and visiting the booths has been encouraging for everyone here.”

Raquet then thanked everyone who made the conference a success, including the speakers, sponsors, hotel and the gasworld team.

Just a few hours after the closing speech, everyone gathered again for the final evening dinner – which was sponsored by SASOL.

Attendees were treated to food, entertainment, and three casino themed tables where they were provided with the limited edition gasworld currency which they could exchange for chips in order to play roulette of blackjack.