TOMCO2 Equipment Company has changed its name to TOMCO2 Systems, a transition that best describes the many changes in the breadth and sophistication of its products and turnkey CO2 solutions.

The name change is accompanied by a new logo, modern brand identity and website for TOMCO2 Systems’ whole spectrum of business lines.

The new website is

“We’ve become a key supplier to a much wider variety of industries with more advanced products,” reflected Jack Toepke, Chairman and CEO. “Our equipment and systems are now in use around the world, and serve as the standard for excellence in numerous fields.”

“TOMCO2 Systems offers a range of products for use in such widely diverse industries as fire suppression, water treatment including desalination, oil field fracking and poultry pathogen management. While a traditional focus continues on equipment for the storage, application and transportation of carbon dioxide, we now offer numerous advanced systems to a wider range of customers,” Toepke continued.

“The name TOMCO2 Systems better conveys the growth in our expertise and our ability to innovate. We build on the base of high quality solutions and devoted customer support that has established us a valued and trusted provider to businesses of all sizes in many fields.”

Originally a company that manufactured, installed, and serviced CO2 storage tanks, TOMCO2 Systems has since added products such as CO2 transport equipment, CO2 pellet equipment, and dry ice presses. The first major growth into application systems was the development of a patented water treatment process for use in municipal and private facilities that has since become the industry standard.

TOMCO2 Systems water treatment systems are installed in more than 1,500 facilities throughout the US and around the world.

The company’s fire suppression division offers a complete line of low pressure and high pressure CO2 systems for the world’s power generation industry, automotive industry, steel industry or inerting of hazardous operations. It currently protects more than 400 locations in 28 countries.

TOMCO2 Systems is enjoying a period of growth and development. Its headquarters and main manufacturing plant in the Atlanta suburb of Loganville has undergone numerous expansions, while additional locations include a sales and fabrication facility in Cincinnati, Ohio and a sales office in Madrid, Spain.


CO2 issue

The news of TOMCO2 Systems name change comes ahead of gasworld’s carbon dioxide-themed July issue.

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Topics covered in the July issue will include:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) supply and quality issues
  • Global merchant CO2 markets
  • CO2 recovery vs combustion
  • Trends and technologies in dry ice.

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