Tyczka Group has revealed a €23m investment in the expansion of its industrial gas activities, with the construction of a new production plant for technical gases in Austria.

The development comes as the group secures a long-term supply contract with Austria’s largest aluminium producer, AMAG Austria Metall AG.

The planned production centre on the Braunau/Neukirchen Industrial Park (Austria) will have a capacity of 215 tonnes per day and will take approximately two years to build, with the plant planned to commence operations in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Groundwork has already been initiated for the project; in September 2012 Tyczka Air Austria GmbH, with its registered office in Braunau, was set up to supervise the industrial gas business.

“The new air separation plant will enable us to produce and market independently technical gases in the three-country triangle of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, and will enable the Tyczka Group to become involved in the on-site supply of major customers via a pipeline,” said Dr. Frank Götzelmann, Manager of Tyczka Energie.

“Besides signing long-term contracts with the pipeline customer AMAG Austria Metall AG, substantial support from the Province of Upper Austria have helped lay the foundation for the air separation plant.”

The industrial site of AMAG borders directly on the land of Tyczka Air Austria. Some of the technical gases from the new ASU will be fed (in gaseous form) directly to the neighbouring customer AMAG Austria Metall AG, thereby ensuring its supply of oxygen and nitrogen. Most of the technical gases produced are liquefied and supplied mainly to customers in Austria and Bavaria by road tankers.

As if its investment of €23m was not enough, Tyczka Group will also follow this up by investing a further €8m for customer tanks and road tankers.

Dr. Frank Götzelmann and Dr. Peter Biedenkopf, who already perform management functions within the Tyczka Group, will be taking over the management of Tyczka Air Austria.


Tyczka Group

Tyczka Energie GmbH is the management company of the medium-sized Tyczka Group, with its registered office in Geretsried. Its core business areas are the supply of energy with LPG (propane and butane) in which it is the market leader in Austria, with operations throughout Europe, together with industrial gases and carbon dioxide.

With Tyczka Air Austria, the Tyczka Group is founding its second company in Austria. Since 1970 Tyczka Neue Gastechnik, Hall near Innsbruck, has contributed to the secure supply of energy with LPG in Austria, and since 1983 the Tyczka Group has marketed technical gases in bottles and small tanks to customers in Germany through Tyczka Industrie-Gase GmbH.

Since 2004 Tyczka Kohlensäure has also been supplying major industrial customers in Germany and Austria with liquid CO2.