Germany-based WEH GmbH has introduced its new TSF2 and TSF4 particle filters to the equipment market, with refuelling applications for both CNG and hydrogen in mind.

Filtering CNG and hydrogen used for refuelling is essential for the proper functioning of components, both for vehicles and fuelling stations. The build up of residues, such as oil or metal shavings, can have a negative influence on fittings and valves and even result in damage and leakages.

The new WEH® TSF2 and TSF4 particle filters have, therefore, been specially designed to remove such particles from the gas flow. Having a high particle retention, they filter the gas flow and remove reliably and securely those particles contaminating the gas.

With integrated filter elements ranging from 1 to 40 micron, the particle filter protects refuelling components such as fuelling nozzles, receptacles, check valves, cylinder valves and gas pressure regulators from the dirt found in the gas stream. All filters are constructed of high-quality materials and either have a filter cartridge that can be cleaned easily and used again, or a replaceable filter cartridge.

The filters are easy to maintain and in an added level of functionality, can also be retrofitted to fuelling stations and vehicles. The WEH® filters ensure well filtered CNG and hydrogen, the company claims, which will both enhance the service life of refuelling components and reduce maintenance cost.

All WEH® CNG and hydrogen filters have been designed especially for installation in cars, buses, trucks and fuelling stations and are highly efficient, boasting an efficiency rate of 99% for 0.3 micron particles. Filters have CE marking and are in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED97/23/EC, aswell as having the ECE R110 approval for installation in CNG-fuelled vehicles.