Dansensor, a world leader in precision gas mixing and sensing technology, has launched a state-of-the-art gas mixer for welding applications.

The company, formerly known as PBI-Dansensor, has undergone considerable change and progression in 2012, as the subject of a $20 million takeover by MOCON Inc. in April and more recently rebranding simply as Dansensor.

Now, the company has launched the MAP Mix Provectus into the welding market, opening up a whole new audience for the Denmark-based entity.

Originally designed for producing accurate gas mixtures for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in the food processing industry, the MAP Mix Provectus has been reconfigured to accept argon as one of its gases – making it ideal for delivering gas mixtures for a wider range of industrial applications and in particular, for shielding gases in welding.

The MAP Mix Provectus has revolutionized gas mixing by using an entirely new operating principle to produce a remarkably compact, powerful, versatile and easy-to-use gas mixing system.