WesMor Cryogenic Companies group has been busy expanding its services to industry with the opening of a third cryogenic rehabilitation and repair facility and the debut of 40-foot LNG ISO containers to its product line.

The developments come from the group’s WesMor Cryogenic Services division and its WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing company, respectively.

WesMor Cryogenic Services has opened a cryogenic rehabilitation and repair centre in Port Washington, Ohio, the third such WesMor repair facility.

Like other WesMor Services shops, the Port Washington shop is a DOT Registered repair and inspection facility capable of not only cryogenic vacuum work, but all sorts of repairs from inspections, brakes, valve repairs, pressure tests, piping repairs, and the complete rehabilitations of all sorts of cryogenic transportation equipment and stationary vessels.

As soon as the facility was opened by General Manager Terry Sears, who brings 37 years’ experience in the cryogenic equipment business, WesMor had 10 cryogenic trailers waiting to be repaired.

WesMor Cryogenic Services repairs hydrogen trailers at its Louisiana shop, and repairs and maintains all sorts of cryogenic equipment at its repair facility in La Porte (Houston area), Texas.

Meanwhile, the WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing division has debuted its new 40-foot LNG ISO containers, with four different models available and all designed and manufactured in accordance with UN Portable Tank rules.

The containers feature the piping compartment on one end or on the side, to permit easy access, and either 70 psi or 115 psi maximum allowable working pressures (MAWP) are available.  Serving what is a rapidly growing LNG market, the ISO containers are designed and approved to transport LNG, ethylene or ethane via ship, train or truck. A pressure building regulator and by-pass valve are also optional.

WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing has also recently introduced a new transport trailer to the growing LNG market.