Westfalen AG has expanded its portfolio of pharmaceutical gases significantly with the market introduction of its Secudur® brand.

The launch is thought to have been driven by market demand for the specialised gases by drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

The product family includes eight gases: Secudur® N (nitrogen); Secudur® C (carbon dioxide); Secudur® O (oxygen); Secudur® He (helium); Secudur® Ar (argon); Secudur® SL (synthetic air); Secudur O95® C5 (5% carbon dioxide, residual oxygen); as well as Secudur® Mix (individual production according to customer requirements from Secudur ® components).

Pharmaceutical companies use gases in the packaging of medicinal products for preserving and inerting, or in cell biology.

“The drug manufacturers demanded for these so-called adjuvants to the same standards as active ingredients or drugs,” said Dr. Wolfgang Miethe, Director of Product Management Specialty Gases at Westfalen AG.

“We must therefore ensure that the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia (EuAB) are met and that production is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant.”

Westfalen AG has in the past produced nitrogen and carbon dioxide in pharmaceutical quality, but the remaining gases are new to the portfolio.

A detailed brochure presents range of products, compliance and application areas of Secudur ® pharmaceutical gases.