Witt-Gasetechnik is now offering the new KM10, a compact gas mixer for very low flow rates.

The KM10 is based on a purely pneumatic mixing principle and without the need for a power supply and mixing gas tank, representing a flexible mixing system for two gases with a range of 2-92 percent.

With a mixing gas capacity of 0-10 l/min (lpm), the latest gas mixer from Witt has been specially designed for applications with only low gas consumption. The permitted inlet pressure range of the KM10 is between 3 and 10 bar (45-120 PSI). The outlet pressure is set individually at the factory.

The KM10 can be used for all technical gases, with the exception of corrosive or toxic gases. With its compact dimensions and a practical handle, the KM10 is ideally suitable as a portable and uncomplicated desktop unit. Laboratory applications, for example, would be a good fit for the new unit – which will likely be of particular interest to the specialty gases community.

The new mixer utilizes a purely pneumatic principle with a special mixing valve as its mixing system. This method means that the mixing process remains stable at all times and performs independently of the fluctuations in the gas inlet pressure and mixed gas consumption, and there is no need for a power supply and mixing gas tank.

Depending on requirements, Witt gas mixers are available in various versions for almost all technical gases, different output ranges and numerous applications, for example in metal or glass processing, food technology as well as medical and laser technology.