Air Liquide US has announced a new carbon dioxide liquefaction plant in the California central valley. The plant joins Air Liquide’s five other industrial gas liquefaction plants in California.

The new 450-tonne facility, located in Tulare County, will capture carbon dioxide gases from an ethanol plant owned by Calgren Renewable Fuels. The carbon dioxide recovered will then be purified and liquefied by Air Liquide to meet beverage grade specifications for the diverse food, beverage and manufacturing industries in the region. The facility will serve Air Liquide customers in the central valley and the Los Angeles basin, and is expected to be operational by the end of this year.

Air Liquide also announced the expansion of its Wilmington, also in California, carbon dioxide plant. The expansion will increase plant capacity and storage and improve service to the southern California market, whose demand is largely driven by growth in the food and beverage industry.

The Wilmington plant is one of seven US Air Liquide carbon dioxide liquefaction facilities that have received the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (“FSSC 22000”), an internationally-recognised standard for food safety systems.

Mark Lostak, president of Air Liquide Industrial US, said, “(The) announcements signify Air Liquide’s continued commitment to growth in California and, most importantly, high quality products and service to customers throughout the region.”

Liquid carbon dioxide provides manufacturers the benefit of quickly freezing and preserving their products. It also helps maintain safe temperatures that improve quality in certain manufacturing processes.

Six other Air Liquide carbon dioxide liquefaction plants in the US have also received the FSSC 22000. Those plants are located in: Delaware City, Delaware; Martinez, California; Sioux City, Iowa; Wood River, Illinois; Washington, Indiana; and Donaldsonville, Louisiana. 

Air Liquide will also pursue certification for the newly announced Tulare County facility.