Air Liquide has announced it has joined H2USA, a public-private partnership launched by the US Department of Energy (DOE) focusing on advancing hydrogen infrastructure to support the development of new transportation options for US consumers.

The company owns and operates 200 hydrogen production sites and approximately 1,242 miles of hydrogen pipeline, the world’s largest hydrogen distribution network.

Now, as a member of H2USA, Air Liquide will contribute its knowledge and expertise in the field of hydrogen energy, including hydrogen production, distribution and storage technologies and hydrogen refueling infrastructure development.

This builds on a growing hydrogen business presence in the region. Air Liquide has significantly expanded its hydrogen energy offer in North America in recent years alongside rising demand for alternative energies - supplying a growing number of customers in the materials handling industry with bulk hydrogen and fueling infrastructure to support fleets of forklifts and pallet jacks powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The company also supports a number of hydrogen fuel cell buses in North America and since 2010, has operated the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered buses in the world in Whistler, Canada.

This expertise will now be brought to the table as part of the H2USA partnership. Mark Lostak, president of Air Liquide Industrial US, commented, “Air Liquide is already playing a leadership role in public-private research and innovation initiatives geared to advance the commercial deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells for clean transport applications, and we are proud to build on these activities as a member of H2USA.”

“Air Liquide and H2USA share a commitment to developing innovative, affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions to enable the widespread adoption of hydrogen energy in the United States.”