Air Products will share some of its latest research, which can help metals processors increase production and improve product quality, at the Heat Treat 2013 Conference and Exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana, from September 16th to 18th.

Air Products’ Zbigniew Zurecki, senior research associate, Atmospheres and Metals Processing, will be joined by Karl-Michael Winter of PROCESS-ELECTRONIC (Heiningen, Germany) to share recent developments in process control of nitrogen-based carburising atmospheres. The co-authors will present “Case Hardening Using Nitrogen-Based Atmospheres” as part of the show’s technical program line-up on Monday, September 16, at 2pm in Room 141.

In addition, Tom Philips, senior metallurgical engineer at Air Products, will present “Atmosphere Troubleshooting and Solutions to Common Heat Treating Problems” at the Heat Treating Solutions Center on Tuesday, September 17, at 11am.

This troubleshooting guide will review years of field experience with nitrogen- and hydrogen-based atmosphere systems. Metals processors attending this presentation will learn how to diagnose common atmosphere-related problems, such as oxidation, de-carburisation, and sooting, and will be offered practical tips to help solve these problems.

At the company’s booth, Air Products will highlight its range of industrial gases, which are available in a variety of supply modes to meet each customer’s requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. The company also offers technical support, such as process audits and troubleshooting, as well as metals processing solutions, including extended belt life with Air Products’ Atmosphere Humidification System, accelerated cooling for sinter-hardening, oxygen-free carburising using plasma activation, and plasma-activated nitriding of stainless steels.

Show attendees are invited to stop by Air Products booth 1812, where they can see a new video demonstrating the company’s plasma gas injector for activation of heat treating furnace atmospheres. Air Products will also have specialists available at the booth to speak with metals processors about their specific heat treating challenges. Beyond gases and equipment, Air Products has the technical knowledge and industry experience to help metals processors lower costs, increase productivity, and enhance product quality.