Air Products will highlight its Freshline® liquid nitrogen (LIN) tunnel freezers—which can freeze and chill poultry and meat faster than mechanical freezers six times their size.

The company will be demonstrating at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Gergia, from January 29th to 31st. DM tunnel freezer

Among Air Products’ featured Freshline® tunnel freezers are the Freshline® DM tunnel freezer, which allows manufacturers to process both IQF (individually quick frozen) and flat or trayed products in a single machine; and the Freshline® QS tunnel freezer, which is an economical and easy-to-operate option for food processors who want to upgrade to continuous freezing, alleviate a bottleneck in their operation, or grow and diversify their existing product line.

IPPE attendees can stop by Air Products Booth #6776 to see how much time and space they can save using LIN process freezing or cooling with a Freshline tunnel freezer. By using the company’s newly developed Freeze Time Calculator, processors can enter their food type and desired starting and ending temperature to see a comparison of the time required to cool or freeze using LIN versus traditional mechanical systems. Poultry and meat processors can input the production rate and product parameters to see a similar comparison of tunnel length for a mechanical freezer versus a cryogenic LIN freezer.

Air Products offers a complete line of Freshline® solutions that can help poultry and meat processors improve productivity, increase product yield, and lower costs while producing high-quality products. In many freezing and chilling applications, LIN can be a cost-effective alternative to CO2, and the conversion can be quick and easy. Air Products has successfully converted many customers’ processes from CO2 to LIN, providing them with a multitude benefits that cannot be achieved with CO2, such as a uniform temperature throughout the cooling or freezing process, superior product quality, increased throughput, and better turn-down.

In addition to tunnel freezers, Air Products’ portfolio of Freshline solutions includes other LIN food processing equipment such as Freshline® LIN-IS, which is a specially designed liquid nitrogen injection system that can be retrofitted to new or existing mixers, grinders, and blenders for fast, consistent, and repeatable cooling; and the Freshline® continuous sauce chiller, which uses the high power of LIN to cool and chill many types of liquids and semi-liquids, such as sauces, gravies, marinades, broths, purees, and mixed meal combinations.

Air Products has been providing the food industry with solutions for freezing, chilling, coating, mixing, forming, packaging, and wastewater treatment for more than 40 years.