Airgas held its 2012 analyst meeting yesterday, during which it discussed strategies for organic and acquisition growth, operating efficiency opportunities, the progress of the Company’s SAP implementation, and fiscal 2016 financial goals.

“Airgas is stronger than ever and well-positioned for long-term growth,” said Airgas Executive Chairman Peter McCausland, speaking before the meeting. “While near-term uncertainty persists in the macroeconomic environment, we’re very optimistic about the long-term prospects for the US manufacturing and energy industries and our ability to leverage our unique value proposition and unrivaled platform to drive growth in these and other key market segments.”

Airgas President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael L. Molinini, discussed the company’s strategy for sales channel optimisation, including its investments in its Airgas Total Access™ telesales program and the development of a robust eBusiness platform. Andrew R. Cichocki, Senior Vice President - Distribution Operations and Business Process Improvement, provided an update on the progress of the company’s SAP implementation and discuss supply chain optimisation opportunities, and Ronald J. Stark, Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, will provide insight into each of the company’s key market segments.

Molinini commented, “The foundation we have built is strong, and development of the programs to further leverage our foundation for long-term growth and enhanced profitability is well down the road to completion.”

Airgas Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Robert M. McLaughlin, review the company’s strong financial profile and resilient business model, and introduce fiscal 2016 financial goals. “While near-term business conditions are challenging, we remain focused on the key metrics that drive shareholder value creation,” said McLaughlin. “In fiscal 2016, subject to certain assumptions, we expect to have grown revenues to more than $6.5bn, increased operating margins to between 15% and 16%, and expanded return on capital* to between 17% and 18%.”