Alternative Hydrogen Solutions (AHS), the exclusive provider of Highline Technical Innovations’ Hy-Impact™ line of intelligent hydrogen systems announced that it has retained the services of Legacy Consulting, a strategy firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Legacy, a specialist firm in both government and business consultancy, will partner with AHS to facilitate new relationships and build brand recognition and acceptance for their products.

“The AHS partnership with Legacy will be highly advantageous, and our executive team is impressed and excited to work with them,” according to Chad Coats, Chief Executive Officer of AHS.

“Legacy has a highly specialised and specific skill set and is very well connected in the areas where our company seeks to gain traction and recognition. The Legacy team believes in the benefits of Hy-Impact, and its success in reducing fuel consumption and emissions. I believe they will be critical in AHS’ progress and evolution into a world-class organisation.”

The Hy-Impact line of intelligent fuel saving and emissions reducing hydrogen systems uses hydrogen as a catalyst in order to more effectively burn fuel. Hydrogen is separated from water via the process of electrolysis allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine’s combustion chamber, creating a significantly more efficient fuel burn. Hy-Impact’s patent-pending CPU technology ensures the correct amount of hydrogen is introduced, while no moisture enters the engine, resulting in a dramatic increase in fuel economy while substantially lowering harmful emissions.