Amazonica Corp. is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive website to effectively illustrate the company’s new direction into ultra-pure hydrogen production research.

The new company website ( and ) contains information about the company’s breakthrough ultra-pure, hydrogen production process and the scientific and management team behind its development.

It also provides a very informative introduction to hydrogen and its many different uses with particular emphasis on the market and potential uses of ultra-pure hydrogen.

“The commercial market for hydrogen gas is now around $100bn and the potential for profit and environmental benefits are why so many automobile, oil, and energy companies are working on hydrogen fuel cell opportunities,” commented Mr. Michael Soursos, Amazonica’s CEO.

“I am extremely pleased with how the company’s new website has turned out and I’m confident that its superb graphics and striking facts about hydrogen will help explain the sector and our technology, as well as the global business opportunity to investors. I encourage all interested parties to visit the new website to better understand our story and how our breakthrough technology for the production of 99.999% pure hydrogen has the potential to bring a low-cost, environmentally friendly fuel source to the world.”