Ambient Corporation has announced the further development of the Ambient MicroNode™, a purpose-built, compact and cost-effective network device with advanced processing capability and memory, which has been enhanced with new features.

Ambient’s Chief Technology Officer, David Masters, said, “Our products provide the capability for data collection and control virtually anywhere on a distribution system. The additional interfaces on the MicroNode extend the communications and control capability to more devices to enable multiple applications. The choice of interfaces ensures flexibility to connect to a variety of smart grid and/or legacy devices. This product, like our other products, is managed by the Ambient Network Management System, providing the benefits of having a managed communications infrastructure.”

John J. Joyce, President and CEO of Ambient Corporation, also commented, “Our investments in both hardware and software development enable our Company to bring products to our customers that are designed to fit today’s needs and evolve to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Ambient Smart Grid Nodes offer utility customers a very effective solution for achieving their grid modernization objectives.  Building single-use networks duplicates assets and increases cost. Conversely, our open standards-based IP platform, which enables utilities to deploy and manage multiple smart grid applications in parallel, provides undoubted financial and operational benefits.”

The Ambient MicroNode is a member the Ambient Smart Grid Node family that, along with the AmbientNMS, delivers benefits of distributed intelligence grid architecture. Applications developed for the Ambient Smart Grid® platform can be run on all three types of node.  They deliver upstream and downstream high-speed data communications using a variety of wired and wireless technologies, including serial, Ethernet, PLC, cellular, Wi-Fi, and RF. Each node is a modular device that can be configured for different roles within the network and is suitable for targeted or scale deployments. They are also easy to install and allow for rapid deployment.

About Ambient Corporation

Ambient designs, develops and sells the Ambient Smart Grid® communications and applications platform. The Ambient Smart Grid products and services include communications nodes; a network management system, AmbientNMS; integrated applications; and maintenance and consulting services. Using open standards-based technologies along with in-depth industry experience, Ambient provides utilities with solutions for smart grid initiatives. Headquartered in Newton, Massachussetts, Ambient is a publicly traded company.