Brooks Instrument has made a new investment in its technology center in Irvine, California, set to allow the company to work closely with the research and technical community.

The facility has been fully equipped with gas lines and test equipment at every workstation and in labs for characterizing gas and liquid flow instrumentation to facilitate research.

The goal of Brooks’ Technology Development Center is to provide a strategic focus on understanding, evaluating and developing cutting-edge solutions for its customers.

The 10,000-square-foot facility is part of Brooks Instrument’s continuing commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that has led to product innovations like the first pressure transient insensitive mass flow controller. Such technology delivered improved performance, a smaller footprint, and lowered costs for semiconductor manufacturers.

“Innovation has been a key driver for Brooks delivering leading technology to the marketplace and will enable us to continue growing,” said Bill Valentine, chief technology officer for Brooks Instrument.

“The Irvine facility will allow us to strengthen our relationships with the research and technical community, many of which are in close proximity in the Silicon Valley, to produce the diagnostic and control devices they require,“ said Valentine.

In an effort to develop best-in-class products and technology breakthroughs, the Technology Development team will collaborate with Brooks engineers in Hatfield, PA and in Ede, The Netherlands, to cultivate key next-generation components such as sensors, valves, and signal processing algorithms. The team will also coordinate the integration of research, concepts, and prototypes into new product development projects.