The Rapidox gas recovery bag has been revised and ‘greatly improved’ by UK-based Cambridge Sensotec to meet the harsh demands of the industrial gas recovery sector.

The product is designed for the collection of SF6 and many other gases from any compatible gas analyzer, including the Rapidox 3100-C IR SF6 multigas analyzer.

The new design is made from extremely tough DP472 PU (712028) coated polamide material and has a safety blow off valve incorporated. It also has a strong rope reinforced carry handle for enhanced portability. The second generation of the gas recovery bag is designed to meet a set of rigorous specifications, especially with changes following the Kyoto treaty in mind.

Sensotec Pic 2

With a maximum volume of 80 litres, the Rapidox gas recovery bag enables the user to quickly and efficiently sample multiple sites and ensure that no SF6 escapes into the atmosphere. The contents of the bag can either be decanted into a permanent storage bottle or into a recovery/recycling system.

Cambridge Sensotec notes that using the recovery bag in conjunction with a Rapidox 3100-C IR SF6 multigas analyzer allows customers to run cost saving condition-based maintenance programs.