Combustion Components Associates (CCA) of Monroe, Connecticut today announced recent contract awards totaling more than $ 5.2m. Strong growth was seen in burner conversions to allow industrial customers to fire natural gas alone or in combination with other fuels.

Orders were received from four domestic industrial customers for nine boiler conversions to natural gas. “The low price of natural gas has made it an attractive fuel option for industrial customers; and when natural gas is used with our low NOx burners, it provides much lower emissions than coal or oil”, according to Edmund Schindler, Vice President of Utility Sales for CCA.

“In addition to the burners, the CCA scope often includes the burner management system and valve trains for a complete natural gas conversion package,” added Schindler. CCA also received an award to convert three heavy oil fired industrial boilers to cleaner burning No. 2 oil.

The company received a release for engineering on its third award from a large domestic chemical producer for the use of CCA’s layered approach to emissions reduction using selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) with its patented low NOx burners and over fired air to reduce NOx emissions from a tangentially fired boiler. This layered approach provides high levels of NOx reduction at a fraction of the cost of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) according to CCA.

Additionally, CCA received an award to apply its patented TRIM-NOX(R) urea injection system to a SCR system being installed to treat the exhaust from two 50,000lb/hr natural gas fired water tube boilers on the west coast. The company recently expanded its licensed rights to use the patented return flow urea injector for applications on boilers, incinerators and gas turbines. Urea provides a safe alternative to ammonia based SCR systems; however, the urea solution must be effectively converted to ammonia prior to the catalyst. CCA will use the TRIM-NOX injection system on both direct duct injection of urea and in its proprietary urea to ammonia conversion process for boiler and gas turbine SCR applications.