Chart has said the purpose of the announcement is to inform their Dura-Cyl liquid cylinder customers about a significant improvement to the liquid level gauge offering.

At the beginning of the year production started transitioning from the Roto-Cal liquid level assembly over to the new Roto-Tel system and the conversion has now been completed for all models that are built with this style liquid level gauge system (MP, HP, and VHP).

In addition to improved accuracy, the new Roto-Tel gauge also has improved reading resolution for each of the gas services (AR, CO2, N2, N2O, & O2). In order to achieve improved accuracy, the Roto-Tel gauge assembly has to undergo a two-step calibration process, which requires specialised equipment. Therefore, field calibration is not necessary or possible.

Like the Roto-Cal assembly, the Roto-Tel assembly must be properly installed in the liquid cylinder in order for it to read accurately. Besides the obvious need to make sure that the knuckle plug seal is leak free, the float rod must be properly inserted through the float rod guide that is welded to the side of the dip tube or the gauge will not read accurately.

Chart Parts will continue to offer replacement Roto-Cal gauges as well as the new Roto-Tel gauges. If an entire Roto-Cal assembly needs to be replaced, Chart recommends transition to the comparable Roto-Tel assembly at that time. These are also sold by Chart Parts.