The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has announced its plans to release the fifth edition of its industry resource, theHandbook of Compressed Gases.

The Handbook is a comprehensive technical and safety resource, covering the full scope of CGA’s activities. The Handbook is an often-used reference for locating information on the physical properties of gases or for basic industry overviews that are useful in training personnel new to industrial or medical gases. The 2013 edition will be released at CGA’s 100th Annual Meeting, and will be available for sale to the public beginning the 15th of April 2013. This is the first edition to be published since 1999.

The Handbook’s 13 chapters include topics such as gas safety, regulations, valves, cylinders, containers, bulk shipments and delivery system equipment. The Handbook also includes monographs for more than 60 gases. Each monograph includes chemical information, physical constants, vapor pressure curve, description, uses, physiological effects, methods of shipment, containers and other important information on compressed gases.

The Handbook has been significantly revised with expanded content, updated regulatory and technical information and color graphs and figures to meet the needs of today’s compressed gas industry.  Expanded content includes two new chapters – one focused on air separation units and another focused on food, drug and medical devices gases and equipment – as well as additional information on cylinders, connections, regulations and security. For the first time, Handbook owners can access an electronic version of The Handbook of Compressed Gases online.

“This is an exciting time for CGA, and we look forward to celebrating our centennial with the release of this new Handbook,” said Michael Tiller, president and CEO of CGA. “We continue to advocate for industrial and medical gas safety, and our Handbook is a valuable resource for all industrial and medical gas professionals.”