Virginia Beach-based CONCOA has been celebrating, as the company founded in 1987 by Sande Dukas and Bob De Venio marks 25 years in business.

The award-wining innovator in the design and manufacture of precision gas controls officially commemorated the occasion recently with a festive luncheon, open house, and guided tours of its 200,000-square-foot manufacturing and administrative facilities.

The event was attended by more than 250 people, including employees, families, friends, and distinguished guests such as city and state officials, and celebrated CONCOA’s ‘Made in U.S.A.’ values – highlighting its rapid growth and present-day role as an internationally recognized leader of high-pressure gas control and distribution equipment.

The company provides this equipment for the scientific, medical, metal fabrication, laser, aerospace, petrochemical, cryo-bio, and instrumentation markets. Since its inception, CONCOA has taken pride in the fact that all products are designed, engineered, and manufactured internally, with more than 40 percent subsequently exported to other countries. In addition to its Virginia headquarters, the company has an international presence with facilities in The Netherlands, Malaysia, and Peru.

Company president Sande Dukas cites key underlying strategies as integral to the company’s success and said, “Continuous innovation and dedication to meeting customers’ needs in timely ways are the cornerstones of the company’s growth since day one.”

“CONCOA has come to be synonymous with cutting-edge technology for gas controls, and, fortunately, those features are sought by customers worldwide.”

In the beginning, Dukas notes in recounting the CONCOA history, the company began an ambitious plan to introduce devices for rare and specialty gases, featuring proprietary technology that minimized the number of internal parts, while offering flexibility in product configuration.

Then came the introduction of medical and laser products, followed by gas blending units, vaporizing regulators, and electronic gas switchover systems. All of this development came with the concurrent receipt of numerous patents and the establishment of distributor networks.

What’s next for the company as it celebrates a quarter of a century? Reflecting on 25 years in business, Dukas is optimistic about the company’s future, “Here and abroad, CONCOA is a family-oriented company focusing on worldwide customers by providing innovative solutions that work today and in the years to come.”