Analytical solutions provider CONSCI is looking forward to another ‘fantastic’ Pittcon Conference and Expo, where the company is both exhibiting and presenting an informative paper on chromatography.

CONSCI is urging visitors of Pittcon to ‘be sure to visit us and Peak Labs at Booth 3528’ and is also looking ahead to its own presentation at the event.

Representing the company at the booth will be Mark Ripkowski, there to discuss new product improvements as well as its state-of-the-art analytical capabilities.

In addition, Jesus Anguiano will be presenting Metals in Gases: When Is Chromatography Preferred Over Hydrolysis? on Monday afternoon at 3:00pm.

Analysis of specialty and electronic gases often requires the determination of trace metal and non-metal species. These analyses are typically performed with either a filtration of hydrolysis preparation followed by elemental analysis using ICP-MS. This is not necessarily an unsound approach, but it is often a reflection of handling, hardware and the preparatory system contamination.

There are many instances when a more accurate and meaningful, and less laborious measurement can be made using gas chromatography interfaced with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Anguiano’s presentation discusses a number of these cases and why they might be preferred.