Eleet Cryogenics, Inc. has expanded to meet the demanding refrigerated CO2 tank repair and service market, putting together a comprehensive workforce to satisfy CO2 needs, as a result of customer requests.

Eleet will provide the high quality service and performance its customers have come to expect and in addition to being an ASME coded repair shop, the company will also now employ licensed refrigeration technicians who can install, service, and troubleshoot CO2 cooling needs.

An extensive tank rehab program includes replacing old or wet foam insulation, all new piping and valves, new high efficiency refrigeration systems, new safety relief valves, and gauges to accurately and safely monitor CO2 usage.

Eleet also offers additional equipment to meet bulk CO2 delivery needs, including pressure builders, vapor heaters, direct to processes, regulating systems, and stand-alone refrigeration packages, as well as the ability to evaluate, service, and install CO2 tanks.