Flow-Cal, Inc. has recently completed the implementation of the FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids system at the Lone Star NGL transportation, storage and fractionation facility owned and operated by industry giant, Energy Transfer Partners.

While several other Energy Transfer assets have been using Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Gas system, this liquids implementation is the first of many for Energy Transfer facilities and marks a major milestone for Flow-Cal in regards to their liquids growth.  

Energy Transfer’s Lone Star NGL storage facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas, is an integrated liquids storage facility with over 43 million barrels of salt dome capacity and 23 million barrels of brine pond capacity that serve the Houston Ship Channel. Lone Star NGL, is a joint venture owned 70% by Energy Transfer Partners  and 30% by Regency Energy Partners and was formed to acquire the natural gas liquids (NGLs) storage, fractionation and transportation business of Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy.

Energy Transfer will be using the FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids system to track cavern and tank inventory, pipeline meter measurement in and out of the facility as well as truck and railcar product deliveries. The software provides a single source for the handling of tickets associated with pipeline meters, tanks, railcars, trucks, and product inventory. With Enterprise Liquids, Energy Transfer will receive truck tickets from their terminal management. Enterprise Liquids will also be their source to generate rail car Bill of Ladings. When used in conjunction with pipeline meter volumes and inventory changes, Energy Transfer will be able to balance their system on a volume, mass and component volume basis.

“Energy Transfer needed a measurement tool to manage its NGL storage, fractionation and transportation side of the business,” says Tom Behnen, a contract Sr. Consultant/Project Manager leading the project for Energy Transfer. “When Energy Transfer acquired the assets from Louis Dreyfus they did not get any computer systems with the purchase. It was critical that a solution be found that would meet current business requirements as well as address business requirements associated with the growth plans for this division.”

“Energy Transfer’s Measurement team had an existing relationship with Flow-Cal on their gas application and was very happy with the solution. In discussions with Flow-Cal it became clear that their corporate vision was to address the measurement requirements for the liquids portion of the energy market. Working with Flow-Cal to build-out their liquids measurement system was an easy decision. Although identifying business requirements and the incorporation of that functionality into the Flow-Cal solution took time, the project has been successful.” 

Flow-Cal, Inc.’s President Mike Squyres says, “Having worked on a liquid development project of this magnitude with an industry leader like Energy Transfer, we have created a liquid system that can be widely adopted throughout the liquid community with little to no customization. FLOWCAL Enterprise Liquids has the advanced capabilities to automate the complex measurement processes surrounding above ground tanks, underground storage, railcars, and truck tickets.”

The next facility scheduled for implementation is the Hattiesburg, Mississippi operation which is connected to the Dixie pipeline and provides seasonal propane, butane storage, and terminal services to refiners and propane distributors.