With an attention to its customer demographics and demands in mind, Matheson has expanded its Select® line of welding products.

The expansion includes premium quality welding cable and assemblies, extension cords, and jumper cables, with the newly added Matheson Select® welding cable products set to be available in bulk spooled lengths of 250 and 500 feet, pre-cut shrink wrapped, and ready-to-use weld assemblies.

The Matheson Select® product line also includes the high performance Matheson Select® shielding gases. There are 21 different Matheson Select® shielding gas mixtures, each one meets AWS 5.32 standards and is optimized for specific welding processes and materials, resulting in higher quality welds, reduced smoke and spatter, and increased efficiency.

Kirk Merica, vice-president, Western Retail Operations at Matheson, added, “Our customers are welders, not electricians. With Matheson Select® brand cables, our customers can be confident that they are making the right choice for their applications.”