Galileo, the manufacturers of the Cryobox® Nano Station, will be attending and participating in the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo – which began on Monday and ends tomorrow (Thursday).

The LNG produced by the CRYOBOX Nano Station will supply the fuel for a company, be it a heavy transport venture, a mining enterprise, an industry located in a remote region or a community far removed from a gas pipe-line.

Neither technological limitations nor large investment capital requirements will prevent the end user from using low CO2 emission LNG in place of diesel or fuel oil.

According to a company statement, ‘Cryobox will allow you to become your own producer of LNG, meeting all environmental requirements even in the fuel-production and storage phase.’

‘Cryobox has an adjustable production capacity with a maximum of 7000 gpd (gallons per day).  The high-pressure, thermodynamic cycle of the Cryobox converts natural gas to the liquid state as temperatures are reduced to less than minus 307ºF below zero.’

’This multi-stage compression process includes a “boil-off” recovery system which eliminates all gas-venting usually associated with LNG storage and loading facilities. This process avoids gas waste while complying with all safety and ecologic regulations.’

Mr. Osvaldo Del Campo - CEO and Chief of Technology of GNC Galileo S.A. LNG-CNG will be speaking at the event today (Wednesday).

In his speech he will say, “Compression nano stations can create a new world of sustainable mobility by simultaneously supplying LNG for long-haul transport fleets and CNG for urban vehicles. The financial and environmental benefits of these compression nano stations ensure a new era of LNG-CNG highways, giving consumers the most suitable low cost and low CO2 emissions fuel substitute for diesel or fuel oil.”

“This is a paradigm shift introduced by the Cryobox®Nano Station developed Galileo. Its unparalleled distributed production pocess gives simultaneous output of LNG and CNG, saving money, energy and time. Learn from this innovative experience carried out by Galileo.”