Day one of GAWDA was a great success, reports gasworld’s Marketing Manager Katie Hill, with presentations from two inspirational speakers - Brent Grover, Founder of Evergreen Consulting, and William Taylor, founding Editor of Fast Company magazine.

A group lunch was followed by exciting excursions to enable delegates to take a break from business and enjoy the magnificent mountains of Colorado Springs.

The following day saw 116 companies exhibiting their product offerings in one of The Broadmoor’s impressive ballrooms. The exhibition gave distributors the chance to showcase their services to an interested crowd of delegates, who spent four hours looking around the impressive displays.

GAWDA concluded on Wednesday with a morning session featuring two more inspirational speakers, as well as the official inauguration of GAWDA’s new President, Craig Booth. The session began with the announcement that 2012’s event had seen 781 participants including spouses, which exceeds last year’s attendance.

Richard W. Couch, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Hypertherm Inc., gave a liberating presentation about his company and the way it operates. Couch focused on the ways in which his company strives to treat its employees with the greatest respect, calling them ‘associates’ rather than employees, and maintaining an open office where everyone works in the same room no matter what their rank in the company.

James D. Murphy, Founder and CEO of Afterburner Inc., gave a lively presentation entitled, ‘Leading Flawless Execution from the Top’, in which he highlighted the importance of following a rigid process of planning, briefing, executing, and debriefing, in order to ensure that a company manages projects effectively.

The morning session concluded with Bryan Keen stepping down as President, and handing over to Craig Wood, or ‘Woody’, of O.E. Meyer. Wood’s son took to the stage to pay tribute to his father’s exceptional work in the industry, and he introduced his father to the stage, who was then presented with his Presidency pin.

Wood brought GAWDA’s annual event to a close by looking to the year ahead, discussing several strategies which will be implemented, and pinpointing the work GAWDA plans to do under his presidency, in order to make the conventions even more enjoyable for delegates. The day ended with a Gala, where delegates could relax and celebrate a great few days in Colorado Springs.

Next year’s Spring event will be held in San Antonio, in April 2013.