Described as a decision driven by a desire to clearly communicate its business mission to customers, Global Gases America has changed its company name to Global Specialty Gases, effective immediately.

The company had been working toward a June 1, 2013 start-up of its 12,000 square foot specialty gases fill plant in Bethlehem, PA, and is keen to underline its core business focus in the US market – specialty gases.

“We decided to change the company’s name to more clearly communicate the business that we are engaged in to our customers,” said Phil Kornbluth, senior vice-president for the Global Gases Group. “In the US, we are a specialty gases business – a company staffed with industry experts who have specialized know-how and understand the business and the needs of our customers.”


SGR In house

The company’s Bethlehem facility, its recent name change, and the future will all be in the spotlight this summer/fall as Specialty Gas Report interviews Global Specialty Gases in its upcoming Q3 issue.